Therese Lafleche - English

I will be your coach for most of the English retreats! I look forward to sharing my business experience, love of travel and cultures as well as exploring some amazing locations with you.

Vladimir Skultety - Mandarin, Chinese

Vladimir Skultety is the author of Understanding Chinese Characters and our Mandarin Chinese coach.
This is a book that compiles years of Chinese character study in a concise and understandable way for the learner. Learn to understand Chinese characters for what they really are with a book that is easy to use, combining the best modern Chinese character academic research with the best learner experience.



Fiel Sahir - Indonesian, French, Spanish

Fiel Sahir is author of Between Three Worlds and host of the Between 3 Worlds podcast. He is also a contributor at Wikitongues. Fiel is our Indonesian coach as well as French and Spanish.

Juliane Klingenberg Nery - German

Juliane is a polyglot and travel enthusiast from Berlin. She has lived in France, UK, Brazil, Canada and is currently located back home in Berlin. She is the founder of Germantogo and our German coach.


Nathalie Herr - French, German

Having worked for many years in the field of international purchasing and import / export, Nathalie Herr decided to take up a new challenge and started as a French and German coach. For 15 years she has been teaching with passion in various large companies in the southern region of Germany. 

She is delighted to share her experience with you.