During your week you will discover many of the hidden gems only a local can show you as well as the top sites.

We will enjoy a private tour of The Louvre, discover the magic of an immersive art gallery and visit some of the most beautiful gardens.  

The classroom training each day includes activities which cover speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The meals and additional activities allow us to place emphasis on practical communication to build up your vocabulary and help to develop fluency and confidence.

As with every retreat, the entire day is spent with your language coach. Thanks to this continuous interaction, you will considerably speed up your command of the language and get permanent and measurable results after this week of immersion.

I want this to be a truly memorable experience for you that you will cherish for years to come.

About this retreat

Number of participants Maximum of 12 participants

Duration 7 days





Once you arrive at your home for the week you will have some time to get settled and relax a bit.

We will have a welcome dinner, get to know the amazing people that will be on this journey with you and explore the neighbourhood for those who aren't jet-lagged. 


Day 2:
Each day of the retreat starts with breakfast and some classroom time.

As soon as the classroom time is done we are going to start the trip off by visiting one of the most famous art galleries of the world Le Louvre.

Standing in the vast courtyard of the Louvre, with sunlight shimmering through the glass pyramid and Les Jardin Tuileries behind you, you will truly understand why Paris is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

After our tour, you are free to continue visiting or start wondering the streets of Paris.

We will regroup for dinner at a temple to gastronomy which will have you quickly understand why France is known for its cuisine and wine.

Moulin Rouge.png

Day 3: After breakfast and our classroom time we are going to Montmartre, one of my favourite neighbourhoods, during the day you will see why so many artists have been lured to this area.

It is the steepest part of Paris and when standing on the steps of Montmartre if you haven’t already fallen in love with Paris, you are sure to now.

From Sacré Coeur we will head down in the footsteps of Picasso and see his first studio in Paris. Strolling through Place du Tertre, with all its artists set up around the square painting caricatures and portraits.

On our way to dinner we will stop by the Wall of Love.

After another delicious meal, we will end our day at Paris’ oldest Cabaret and one that is still enjoyed by locals. This is not just a show that you will enjoy viewing but one which will also have you singing and dancing along with everyone else.

Notre Dame.png

Day 4: After lunch we will head to the Panthéon and enjoy the Quartier Latin as well as the magnificence of Le Jardin Luxembourg.

We will take a break in the gardens, so you can start putting your french to the test and see how long it takes you to find one of two Statues of Liberty in Paris.

From here we will stroll through some of the oldest and most incredible book stores, visit with the bouquinistes along the Seine before crossing over the bridge to Ile de la Cité. 

We will see Notre Dame in a way that has never before been seen and as soon as the architects start repairing her will never be seen again.

Arc de Triomphe.png

Day 5: As always we will be starting the day with breakfast and classroom time.

Today’s classroom time is exciting because you will be putting everything you have learned to use and planning the day tomorrow.

That’s right! You are the ones planning your last full day in Paris. You will have a few activities to choose from and then you will be working in a group to purchase tickets, plan the itinerary, and even make sure we don’t get lost on the way there.

Once you are done your planning, we will out to the Champs Élysées and then up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

From here you have the rest of the day to yourself for souvenir shopping or just continuing to discover this magnificent city.

Eiffel Tower.png

Day 6: After breakfast, you will be presenting the plan of the day.

Off we go! I hope you planned something fun

Day 7: After breakfast, it is time for our Au revoir!

Not goodbye but to the next time,