One of the most common questions I get asked is:

What makes a language retreat so effective, both time and cost wise?

It’s impossible to sum this up with just one thing, as it is actually a combination of fun, relaxation, time and immersion.

The reason I created these retreats in the first place was to take you out of your everyday life and routine.  To offer a space with no interruptions, no rushing off after a lesson and more importantly not allowing time to go by before the next lesson.

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than starting a lesson only to realise you have forgotten half of what was learnt the week prior.

Instead I wanted a nice relaxing environment to just concentrate on the language and have fun!  

Basically a vacation where you would walk away with improved language skills as a bonus.

What we soon discovered was that not only were we having fun but everyone was learning everyday expressions that we probably would have never covered otherwise.  Everyone was having so much fun that they didn’t even realise they were actually learning every minute of the day.

The speed of learning and understanding was increasing each and everyday as there was no time to forget anything. 

This fact alone created a chain effect.  The more they learnt, the more confident they were.  With confidence came more practice.  The more they practiced the more they learned…

The progress we made in one week, was similar if not better than the progress made in a year of once a week lessons. 

I mean after the third day, they were thinking, even dreaming in the target language.  

This is powerful and something I think everyone needs to experience!